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The president and founder of the well established Accurate Insurance Brokerage is Mr. Stewart Gross, though many know him by the name "Stewie." Mr. Gross operates his business is based on his personal work ethics and his policies for life: "Honesty is the only way to win in this world," and "If you meet good people you can't let 'em is everything!" He is very professional and articulates himself based upon his personal work ethics. His method helps him choose the right customer for the right company; he is very personable, and with "Stewie" what you see is what you get!

With over 31 years of experience serving New York State's, 5 boroughs, as well as upstate New York. We offer personal touch auto insurance with expertise in high quality comparable insurance rates.

So before you go anywhere else check us out, you may not need to check a second opinion!
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